Audio issue - not sure what's causing it

I recently started getting popping sounds from my audio output. I have three audio outputs on my PC that I use fairly regularly.

1. Front output
2. Rear output
3. TV output

All of a sudden, both the front and the rear output have problems.

The front output gives off a popping sound whether I plug in my headset or my speakers. The popping comes out of the left speaker.
The rear output has a very weak left side, you can only very faintly hear any tests. This happens, again, for both headset and speakers.

I'm guessing this may mean my systemboard is on the way out, but I'm really not sure why it is affecting the two different jacks in such different ways. Hopefully you guys can help me come up with simpler ways of fixing this issue! Let me know what you can think up, if anything!

EDIT: Forgot to say - the TV output seems fine with the TV. Tried plugging in the speakers to that jack and nothing happened, though... like it knew that this was not the TV I was looking for :p
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    Okay, found the answer to my own problem. While updating the drivers didn't fix this, a Windows Update did!
  2. Awesome! That's usually the first couple of things we recommend lol
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