i have one gb nvidia geforce 210 and 4 gb ram and core 2 duo e4500 now my question is can i play gta iv in my pc

1 gb nvidia geforce 210 graphic card
4 gb ddt2 ram (677mhZ )
Core 2 duo e4500
Can i play gta iv in my pc
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  1. I dont ever know... I doubt it...

    download it and find out
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    That's a really crappy entry-level GPU made for watching video. If the game runs you'd have to dial the settings all the way down to the minumum.
  3. It will run, but in order to play with reasonable FPS you'll have to set the quality to low/minimum. If you can, you should get a better GPU. You should give the GTX 650 a shot, good price & about 6 times faster than the GT 210.
  4. What SchizTech says is true. You'll have to set the options to low in order to play the game, then you'll be ok!
  5. Geforce 210 is becoming an serious bottleneck.

    Geforce 210 is suitable for old 3d games and for 2d usage only.
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