How to know that my cpu is underperforming/bottlenecking my gpu.

I recently bought gtx770 and in most games i get like 30 fps in any graphic setting i set which means that the card is working fine, now my cpu i've had for a couple of years is an I7 and im not sure if thats the reason i get such a low fps in games so is there a reason to check if my cpu is underperforming and any possible ways to fix it?

gpu: gtx770
cpu: intel i7
mobo: sabertooth i55
ram: 8gb
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  1. What games are you getting low fps what resolution are you gaming at and and what i7 is it sandy bridge? I seriously doubt you are having any sort of bottleneck with a i7 even if it is the older one.
  2. resolution is 1920x1080, well pretty much all the new games i play, LoL,GW2,WoW,Landmark and some others. the fps is around 30-40 on all no matter the graphics ultra or low.. could it have something to do with my pc being full of viruses? also an information that might help u when i have chrome open my fps in games decreases
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    Alexionz said:
    resolution is 1920x1080,the fps is around 30-40 on all no matter the graphics ultra or low..

    If its Gw2 getting those numbers,thats perfectly normal.
    That game is heavily dependent on strong single thread performance and first gen i7s weren't real great for that.
  4. Do you know your pc is full of viruses?
  5. If you are worried about viruses and or Malware download and run this.

    Do you have antivirus installed? I don't use a antivirus but if you are worried Microsoft has a free version
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