Cheap used gaming pc, to good too be true? (Craigslist) I came along this post on craigslist of a guy selling a used pc. After contacting him and asking questions I'm still not sure if this pc is okay. The specs are pretty good and comes in a really fancy case. He sent me a picture of the internal and everything seemed to be fine except for some messiness in cable management which is okay. This pc has 3350p meaning it can't boot without a graphics card and thus making the price lower since he doesn't have his old one anymore. I have a old 650ti from my brother that I can use to boot the pc and do some benchmarks. Do you guys think I should pull the trigger on this one?
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  1. If it comes with a windows license and the PSU is not crap it looks like an OK deal.
  2. HGe said he was running a 770 in it with a 400w psu I highly doubt that.
  3. Antec HCG400 would run it but not many other 400watt units.
  4. MalakiArtook said:
    HGe said he was running a 770 in it with a 400w psu I highly doubt that.

    Wouldn't be my first choice for a PSU but its possible. GTX 770 requires a 6 pin + 8 pin so thats 225w + cpu so thats about 300w give another 20-30w for the rest of the components, ram + hdd + fans etc.

    Cutting it close. I mean this is all assuming the people on craigslist know what they are doing...
  5. yeah i just checked out chicago CL just to see if maybe i could get some good cheap parts and it was all either junk or people selling new yet outdated I5 builds with 760s for 1500 :O. do people actually buy that? If so that makes me want to get on that action.

  6. Not to poor salt on the wound but I wouldn't purchase a computer from craigslist if the person is saying it won't boot without a GPU since the GPU shouldn't have anything to do with it. He probably overclocked it or tore it up in some way or another. Giving you a false reason as to why it won't boot when you get it home. Than you get it home an pop in a brand new GPU an bam still doesn't work. Than you're left high and dry.

    At the very least see to it that he puts a GPU in it an proves it will boot an stay stable. If he can't do that than don't purchase it.
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