External 2.5" WD HDD recognised but device driver unable to install & not visible in my computer

Hi Guys,

Last November I purchased a Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD to install in my PS4 when it released. On launch day I went to put it into my PS4 and it would not accept it cannot remember the specific error, so I put it to the side and left it alone stupidly. Couldnt be stuffed wasting the time fiddling with it.

I've been having a few problems with my Macbook PRO the past few months and the apple store advised me a archive probably will fix the issue, but I should backup my system just in case I loose anything. So today I went back to that HDD and tried to connect it to my MAC but it says it cannot be used. So I hooked it up to my win 7 laptop and you can see the device installation window trying to download the driver, but its been doing that for several hours now and it cannot find and install a driver for it, and the drive is not visible in my computer.
I went to the WD website to try download any software they use to configer the drive, but when I downloaded it said the drive had to be internal, so I can't use that.
Any ideas how I can solve this, or should I take it back to the store for replacement?

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  1. Hi,

    What type of device are you using to connect the HDD externally to your laptop? is it an enclosure, a docking station or a SATA-USB adapter?
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