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I've got a GTX 560 Ti graphics card, I've also got a brand new 500w PSU, when I take the graphics card out, my computer turns on perfectly fine using the VGA port, but when I connect and plug in the GPU, my computer gets no signal at all from anything, the graphics card does work because I've managed to get it working before but when the computer restarts I have to keep fiddling around with the cables and everything and now I've forgotten how to get a working display with this new graphics card, everything is plugged in! Help


PC - Zoomstorm

Intel dual core i3 @3.4ghz
Intel HD 4000 graphics
MSI GTX 560 Ti (new one)
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  1. New psu doesn't necessarily mean good. What is the make and model?
  2. Corsair CM500
  3. Sorry I mean CX500

    That is bare minimum. Do you have 2 6 pin connectors going into the card?
  5. Yes! Both 6 pin connectors are plugged into the card.
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    You could try a more powerful PSU from corsair such as the 750.
  7. Seeing as I've recently just bought the new psu, money is a huge factor at the moment, I have the right parts so I need to know what I can do to make sure it boots up to my new gpu everytime
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