LGA 1155 Motherboard with 3 way (tri) sli capabilities

MB for 3 way SLI with i5 2500K

Currently -

Corsair 800D
Silverstone 1500W PSU
3 x EVGA 670 4GB OC
(2 in SLI in pc at the moment)
Asus P8Z68 deluxe MB (to be replaced)
i5 2500k
some HDDs
16gb RAM
Asus Phoebus Xonar soundcard
27" Qnix 1440p @100Hz
noctua cooler

I would like to go 3 way TRI SLI for gaming.

Intel i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155

3 x EVGA 4GB GTX 670s

I want to do a cheap upgrade and just change the MB I currently have

I need a Motherboard with 3 way (tri) sli capabilities.

New or 2nd hand through the forums.

Which one?
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    List of mobos that support 3 way sli. Socket 1155.
  2. Yes. And buy it from a proper store, so you can punk them if it doesn't work :)

    Edit: It is from ebay, and the seller could be lying, that is the risk of buying there. He might be telling the truth, but do some research first.(I just found the ebay money back guarantee, so seems legit)
    Edit again:
    If the seller is telling the truth about what motherboard he got for sale, it will work up to quad sli.
  3. I really like Asus ROG motherboards. That would be great too. Can't go wrong with any of them.
  4. Best answer
    *Be very careful...

    When I went to Asus and checked "1155" there were 3-way SLI boards, but not when I also checked "Z87" so apparently these are the ONLY boards that Asus makes that would work for you (supporting 4-way does NOT mean it necessarily supports 3-way):

    Have you investigated selling your GTX670's on E-bay instead?

    They seem to be selling used for roughly $300 USD. That would give you $600, and if we add $200 (no new motherboard required) that's $800.

    You could then get a 2xGTX780 setup for about $1000 which would be much quieter and have less SLI issues (3-way has some issues, and doesn't always scale well either).
  5. I do not think many would buy gtx 670 4gb cards, but oh well, you got it right, that two or one card would be better.
    You said you checked z87 on 1155 socket. How is that possible? Z87 is only haswell compatible. LGA 1150 socket :) I hope it was a typo.
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