Best CPU and GPU for Skyrim maxed out and Heavily modded

I was thinking about a gtx 780 or is there something cheaper and better (SLI or single card) and I was thinking an Intel i5-4670k is there something cheaper and better? I want to maintain a minimum of fps (if possible) on ultra settings at 1920x1080 res and monitor with 200 other mods mostly game-play mods e.g. immersive weapons, armor, and creatures faalskar etc. etc. and some graphical mods e.g. real-vision enb climates of skyrim realistic lighting overhaul etc. etc. thanks for the input.
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  1. What fps at what settings?

    A 4670k and GTX780 should at least get you most of the way there. What's the rest of your components?
  2. Alright! Do you live close enough to a microcenter? Also, what is your budget? Do you need all the other pieces too like RAM, case, PSU etc..
  3. I only need to know the CPU and GPU
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    Use this -

    really all skyrim needs is an i3.. if you run a decent amount of texture mods you may want to look into a GPU with 4GB VRAM as the texture mods will cause a unwanted stutter if you don't have enough, I would get something with 3-4GB VRAM.
    If you can afford it though go i5 and 4GB GTX 770

    CPUs are cheapest at Microcenter
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