Video Card Stops Working and Recovers Every 5-10 Minutes?

I literally just started having this problem yesterday....

My video card in my laptop (a GeForce GTX 560M 2GB, 128-bit Data Bus), which is an ASUS G53SX-RH71 gaming laptop has just been failing and recovering every few minutes. It started yesterday just copying and moving files around.

I don't think it's heat, and I don't smell burned electronics. So anyone know what my problem here is?

EDIT: Also for some reason it will not turn on the display at all if I put it to sleep and then try to wake it up....
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  1. Seems like dedicated graphic card problem. Go to the BIOS and dis-able the dedicated graphic card and try to run on integrated to see if it crashes, if doesn't than the dedicated graphic card might be the problem. Another must thing you should do is that run memtest86 plz. Cheers.
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