Overclocking CPU, is ram upgrade necessary

does ram affect how much and how efficient i can overclock my cpu?

currently have pretty crappy ram, 1600mhz cl 11 patriot viper xtreme.

im going to upgrade to 2400 mhz cl 10-12-12-42 g skill trident x, its like one of 2 memorys i can modify the other being dominator platinums. Going to paint the fins green.
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  1. you really dont need ram faster than 1600, it will do nothing for games and only affect a couple programs, unless you have an apu, then you want faster ram. and if you are overclocking with the multiplier, then the ram doesnt matter, but if you are increasing the fsb, it also increases the ram so then you have to down clock the ram a little.
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    Depends on the CPU in question. If it is an unlocked multiplier chip, then not at all. Also, 2400 ram is not going to do anything for you, but drain your wallet, unless you are using an APU's integrated graphics. Even then 2133 is a better price/performance. You do not need more than 1600-1866 for a system with a dedicated GPU.
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