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Hi so i have a strange dilemma where windows will not allow me to install any device drivers which were already previously installed. Whenever i connect my DSLR camera or HTC One or iPad or any other USB connection for that matter the error message "Device Driver software was not successfully installed" appears. I am administrator and i think it could possibly be my antivirus or firewall blocking me but im not sure. All of these drivers have worked before and now they have suddenly just stopped.

If you need anymore info please ask.
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    Hello, try to uninstall the Root Hubs.
    Note: Make sure unplug the Smartphone and DSLR
    - Open Device Manager
    - Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers category
    - Right click each USB Root Hubs, on pop-up menu, select Uninstall
    - Reboot PC.

    If this does not fix, then you must uninstall the hidden devices which are the generic drivers for your devices (installed via plug-and-play).

    - Open Device Manager
    - Click View -> Show Hidden Devices
    - Expand each category, you will see Grayed Devices
    - Right click each of them, on pop-up menu, select Uninstall

    For the HTC One, you will need a USB Driver which is downloadable on the HTC Site, just download and install.

    For the iPad, I think this requires the installation of the iTunes since it has the drivers for Apple Devices.
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