New cpu - mobo - ram combo! Will these 3 work with a 500 watt psu?

Hey guys I'm looing to upgrade my computer, I have a 560 gtx which I think is pci express 16x 3.0 (might be 2.0). The video card I'm hoping I can still use it since i just bought it I think a year or so ago and seems to do fine I just get long load times. I was looking at the following processor :

I have an asus motherboard and corsair ram and they've been going great for 5 years or more now so I'd like to get an asus motherbaord but the ram is whatever as corsairs pretty expensive as usual and out of my budget this time. My budget is around $400 so I'm hoping I can find some good parts for that price. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ps. Is there a cheaper motherboard that has the same options for the most part as the one I posted? maybe even an asus?
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  1. Or do I need to get this ram:
    Is that one I posted even compatible with my motherboard/cpu and is this one I just posted even faster because it has lower timings?
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    I believe both sets will work for ya. As far as the Power Supply, try finding a 600 or 650 watt. Do you plan on getting a new Video Card?
  3. Geek Jed said:
    I believe both sets will work for ya. As far as the Power Supply, try finding a 600 or 650 watt. Do you plan on getting a new Video Card?

    thats good to hear, which set of ram do you think i should go for? I do gaming so I thought the corsair would be faster. I do plan on getting a new video card too which I wanted to bring up. Anything I should know? I might get a decent new one some time later on and then get another one after that to run them in SLI if thats still possible I haven't upgraded my computer in years I haven't done any research. Do you think the PSU i have right now will be fine or I should go with a 600/650 when I order the stuff? Is the motherboard too expensive too by the way is there a more inexpensive one that will do everything I'm looking to do?
  4. looks like ill be getting the following because I don't have to wait for delivery and they are actually less at the microcenter down the street from me

    If I want to get 2 good video cards like 2 670 gtx's (I think thats what the new ones are called) down the road what would be a good PSU and also if my 500 watt antec isn't going to be enough for all this whats a good PSU for the mean time? an antec/corsair 600/650 watt?
  5. Put your build together using PCpartpicker. It will give you a wattage estimate.
  6. If you are thinking of sli with a pair of gtx 760's then I would suggest an upgrade to a quality 700-750w psu from the start. Each 760 can carry a load of 225w so having 250w for the rest of the system + any OC is usually a good idea. You couldget away with a very good quality 650w psu as they have rated outputs close to the 650w mark and in all likelihood the gpus will not pull the entire 450w possible. While amperage is important, a quality psu of those wattages will have more than enough to sli 760's
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