I want to play bf4, simcity, and run photoshop cc on my i3, 8gb ram computer. which graphics card (under 150$) should i buy?

The graphics card need not play the games on high end settings, but medium or low settings with a resolution of 720 pixels is preferable. Its electrical power can be anything.

It would be a great help if answered quickly.
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    gtx 750ti is right at 150
  2. NormH said:
    gtx 750ti is right at 150

    Thank you so much.
    Can you please also tell me another graphic card at a lesser price, just to have a wider range of options.
    But anyways, thanks. you saved lots of time.
  3. r7 260x......radeon hd 7770 ghz edition, gtx 750 (non-ti), radeon hd 7850 all good cards
  4. Get a Sapphire R9 270x. Its a very great card as i can play at

    3840x2160 At Ultra With 8x AA At Around 30-40 Fps (Arma 2)
  5. the r9-270x is 200 for the cheapest that is 50 above his max budget.
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