SSD Soft Read Error Rate problem... disappeared?

So I have had some degradation issues with my boot SSD, a 128GB mSATA drive. Acronis drive monitor has shown some serious issues with the soft read error rate for the past few days, and I could not figure it out. So... it points to imminent failure. Ok, so I get a replacement mSATA, the Crucial 120GB m500.

I was just about to install the new SSD, when I decided to check on my PC status, and, I haven't had a soft read error problem in a few days.

I know my SSD didn't magically decide to just get better, so I am wondering if I should go ahead with the replacement, or was it a false alarm?

What is going on with my SSD that it doesn't experience or report Soft Read Errors anymore?

Notice that the date I posted is the 6th, while the last error I got was on the 1st. Any ideas?
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  1. Run a disk check by:
    Going to "My computer"
    Select the drive and right click on it and select properties.
    Then go to the "Tools" tab
    And do a disk check but NOT a defragment.
    Does this match your S.M.A.R.T results?
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