How many PCIe slots do I need

I want to crossfire 2 SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X R9 270X's, and they both require 2 PCIe slots. Does that mean I would need 4 PCIe slots on my mobo, or do I only need 2 with enough space in between? Could you also suggest some cheap mobo's if I would need 4 slots, because I am having a hard time finding one in my price range (max. about $130). My cpu is an i5-4570, so the mobo has to be an 1150 socket. Thank you
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    No you only need two PCIe X16 slot, dual slot only means that the card is so thick that it blocks the next slot below it, it still only connects to one.
    Since you are going crossfire I recommend a board that will run it at X8 X8 speed
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