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I have installed some ram in my desktop and the motherboard has 4 ddr 3 slots. The interesting thing is out of the 12gb ram recognized by my win 7 64 bit ultimate, only a portion of Ram is used and some is system reserved. I try to change the slots and the pairing of my rams 2*2gb and 2*4gb. I find out only whatever I put in the first two ram slots gets used. I.e. I can put a 2gb + a 4gb in the first two slots and a 2gb + a 4gb in the other two. Then, the system reserves 6gb out of 12gb in total and uses the rest 6gb. If I put a 4gb + a 4gb in the first two slots, 2gb +2gb in the other two slots, then the system uses 8 gb and reserves 4gb. I have searched different forums to find an answer and reinstalled the win 7 version as 64 bit ultimate. The problem persists.

I don't know if its a hardware issue so here I posted a link to my hp desktop. Most components are original besides I upgraded my graphic card and now is asus 2gb ddr5 geforce650ti boost. The power unit is now at 600w. I added two 4gb ram and took one 2gb ram from the slot. Here is the link:

Thanks a bunch for reviewing my posting and providing your opinions.
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  1. This is NOT a problem, this is the normal way that Windows 7 runs.

    Read this:
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