4.5ghz 1.275v 4770k Overclocking Help?

Hello, I have a couple questions about overclocking!

I recently built my computer mainly for editing. My current specs are

PSU: Thermaltake SP-750m
MOBO: Asus Maximus VI Hero
CPU: Intel 4770k
Cooling: H100i
Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz0
Any more info, please ask.

I'm new to overclocking, and I know with the Haswell chipsets, getting a decent overclocking one is really the luck of the draw. I figured, since it is a 'K' edition chip, I really want to try get the most out of it.

I've been running prime95 on my computer for about 4 hours at this moment, and RealTemp is telling me that the max temp recorded was 88c, I was wondering if this would be considered a stable OC?

I tried pushing it to 4.6ghz, and went up to 3.5v but no luck. Would this be average?

Lastly, do any of you have any tips or recommendations to keep pushing it to a higher overclock? Or should I just leave it the way it is, because I think I'm fine right now.

I figured, if I have all this processing power, I want to make the most out of it, it's just a personality thing of mine, really haha. I mean if you had a car that could go 200mph, why are you just cruising at 50?

Thanks for reading! Hoping for some good responses :]
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  1. why r u ocing just to check how much u can oc?

    go with nitro cooling then!
  2. That is too high for haswel, even tho it runs hotter than ivy bridge those temps are too high!

    Are you sure you went to 3.5 vcore??

    Try using a program called coretemps to monitor your temps as I have heard some people get false readings with real temp.

    Answer to your other question is:
    I am only going at 50mph because that's the Max speed in the road I am driving in ;)
  3. The generally-accepted maximum temperature for Intel processors is 75C at full load. High voltages don't damage the processor, it's the associated increase in heat that does. 3.5 VCORE would be insane, the temperature would literally be through the roof as your house would be on fire.

    The theoretical limit for your processor is around 100C; that's when it will start to throttle. Just because you could go that high, does that mean you should? How long will the tyres last on a car travelling at 200mph? How long will the processor last at 100C?
  4. I think he means 1.35v
    my dad is an electrical engineer in the semi conductor field and a general rule of thumb they use is that transistors will degrade twice as fast for every 12-13c increase in temps.

    Realistically p95 is not an accurate measure of realistic temps you will see. What are your temps while rendering at 4.5ghz, because they are probably lower, and that max that the processor will normally see
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