Need help selecting a motherboard please

Hi everyone. So I just got my first gaming PC and straight away decided to upgrade from a GTX 550 TI and put in my new Asus GTX 760 2 GB OC. And its looks like my Q6600 3ghz CPU is bottle necking my GPU(oops). I'm looking at a core I5 but just realised my RAM is 4 x 2GB 800MHZ. Is there any mobo out there that will support:
Core i5 1155 socket, and 4 x 2GB 800MHZ RAM.
Thank you for your help, i'm in over my head.
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    The lga1155 MB can only support the DDR3 RAM, the 800mhz is the DDR2, so you have to buy the new DDR3 RAM if you will buy the lga1155 i5/MB.
  2. Thank you for your help mate.
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