Bitfenix Prodigy: 4 case fans / 1 Cpu cooler > Only 2 fan headers. How to connect them?

I am using a prodigy case with an Asus H81i-Plus motherboard. I plan to run 4 case fans and a cpu cooler. The mobo only has 1 cpu fan header which would be connected to the cpu cooler. I will use a Y-splitter for the other fan header to connect to two case fans situated at the top of the case. That leaves me with the front 200mm and back 140mm fans unconnected, is it plausible to connect these two fans directly to the psu? Would they cause a ton of noise running at full rpm?

Thanks for your help!
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    hi seikatsu
    you have a number of options ,
    1. a fan controller
    2. a molex to 12v 3pin fan header , a molex to 7v 3pin fan header ( reduce fan speed and noise ), a molex to 3pin 5v fan header ( slower and quiter still ) you can buy them with single or multiple headers or single molex to all 3
    3. a fan power board , molex to a pcb with multiple fan headers on it at various voltages
  2. A molex to 3 pin then a 3 pin y adapter for 2 of the fans. A 3 pin y spillter for one header and the other header is for the CPU cooling fan
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