Recommend free backup solution w/support moving/renaming files...

I'm trying to find a simple (free) backup solution that can mirror one of my work directories. I thought Syncify would work perfect, but according to the logs it looks like it is deleting/re copying a file every time I rename it/move it to a different directory.

Can anyone confirm this is/isn't whats going on (seems really inefficient if it is). Or perhaps somebody knows of better software I should be using?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I just got an email back from syncify support. They confirmed that indeed files are completely deleted, then recopied everytime a file is moved/renamed. Talk about inefficient...

    So I need a new backup software (free and lightweight) to mirror a folder. One that doesn't do a complete delete/recopy every time I move/rename a file would be nice.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
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