I think my pc (most likely my graphics card) is acting weird.

So 3 days back my pc started performing really bad. Mostly low fps in games. At first I tried cleaning the inside of my computer, but it didn't help. Then the next day I reinstalled my drivers, but that didn't help also. After a while my pc randomly started performing at it's peak. I was able to play League of Legends on max with 60 fps (when the problem ocured i could barely play the game on low). So today my pc is again performing horribly.
My specs: CPU: Amd Athalon II X3 440 Processor 3.00 Ghz
GPU: nvidia geforce 630 gt
Ram: 3 gb
OS: Windows 7 32-bit
Also it doesn't seem like my pc is overheating.
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  1. Ok try this go to the properties of "My Computer" then go to "Advanced system Properties", there will a Performance option go to it's settings. There will be Virtual Memory and tell me what is tick mark there. Also try custom settings and set the both boxes to 1024 and apply the changes restart your computer see it if lags. Also kindly tell me the temperature when the game start lagging,
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