i want to buy a gc.. confused between gainward nvidia geforce gtx650 and hd 7770... guys please help me..

please guys help
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  1. 7770 is better than gtx 650. Check the benchmarks here:,3297.html
  2. I would go with the 7770 also.
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    7770HD is based on 28nm AMD's Tahiti architecture with its 256-bit bandwidth which superior to the GTX650's Kepler's 28nm 128-bit bandwidth.

    So bandwidth memory is superior on 7770HD.

    So automatically 7770HD > GTX650.
  4. I would definitely recommend the HD 7770.
    Here is the detailed comparison :

    As you might see , the hd 7770 is superior for following reasons:
    1.) Higher no. of shaders 640 >384
    2.)Higher texture rates
    Moreover you can play latest demanding games in hd 7770...than in gtx 650 as you will be forced to lower the settings of the game for sure...
    So no need of further explanation bro.....Go and get the hd 7770 and enjoy gaming....Cheers.
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