Looking for a GPU to pair with my motherboard & CPU for mainly gaming. On a very tight budget

This is mainly going to be used for gaming.I have a VERY tight budget of $60, my PC specs are not very good since this is a prebuilt HP computer but I am upgrading it piece by piece slowly. My next upgrade is from 2 to 4GB RAM(motherboard max is 4) CPU:
IntelCore2Duo E8500@3.16Ghz
Mobo: Napa G8LE
HDD: 500GB
Graphics: Onboard (HORRIBLE)

Just looking for suggestions on which card to get. I don't mind if it's used or not, $60 is my budget wish I can spend more. I was looking at the Galaxy GeForce 640 GT 1GB for $50 as an open box item. Thoughts on that card? Any other suggestions? Thanks again. I may have posted before but that was before I upgraded my CPU and now that I have the chance to upgrade either the RAM or graphics, I chose GPU because I just can't stand the onboard graphics lol. Main game is World of Warcraft which right now runs at a MAX of 10 FPS which is not even bearable. Thanks so much again and I don't really mind if a used item.
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    The card you mention is a great deal provided it works. A brand new one starts at $75.

    Obviously not the best card, but if you are careful tweaking WOW it might run okay. In particular be careful with the resolution and anti-aliasing settings. You may wish to stay about 1280x720 (if widescreen) with no more than 2xAA but that's just a guess.

    Use FRAPS to monitor the frame rate. I recommend running with VSYNC OFF (you'll get screen tearing) and tweak all the settings so things look the best you can at 30 to 40FPS.

    You should also experiment with Adaptive Half VSYNC (forced for WOW specifically in the NVidia Control Panel from NVidia's main site). It would lock you to 30FPS (on a 60Hz refresh) but disable VSYNC if you drop below 30FPS.

    The advantage of this feature is it eliminates screen tearing if you can maintain 30FPS. The disadvantage is it will feel a little SLUGGISH but you'll have to experiment to see what's best for you. Most people prefer VSYNC OFF in situations like this.
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