Cs:GO low fps with good laptop ( Please help! :D )

So i get about 50-70 fps with this system and i think this shouldnt be the case because people with crappier systems can get upto 200 frames..

These are my specs:

cpu: Amd A6-3400m 1.4 ghz with radeon tm graphics quad-core( turbo 2.3 ghz )

Gpu: Amd 6520g

ram: 6gb

And when i game my cpu+gpu work together.

plz halp :D
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  1. Try going into the GPU's settings and set everything to best performance.
    That will bring your FPS up. The people that are running at higher FPS may be playing at lower resolutions.
    You system has integrated graphics. It will be sharing RAM as VRAM.
    Upgraded your RAM to 8GB and you should see an improvement.
    Happy Computing!
  2. your FPS will likely be limited by your monitor, which in this case is your laptop.
  3. Remember to pick a solution... :)
  4. What are your in-game settings? Also, what crappier system gets 200fps!?! Im on an ASUS G-75vw maxxing at 180 frames.
    GTX 660M (+135 core clock, +315 mem clock OC max clock is somewhere around 1015mhz on the core)
    i7-3610 QM @ 3.2GHZ "boost" 4 physical, 8 logical cores (setting I have run it at 100% at all times, and I have CS:GO set to use all cores)
    my settings in game are at medium with Nvidia cp set to limit other aspects.
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