My computer crashes ever since I installed a new GPU


I got a new GPU (Nvidia GTX 770)
and when I play high end games like BF4, simcity etc.

It's strange because it never lags when I play the games, but it just sometimes the screen freezes then after around 10 seconds the computer shuts down.

My specs for my computer are:
GPU: GeForce GTX 770
CPU: Intel Core i5 CPU
Memory: 6.00GB of ram
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  1. Monitor your temperature by HWmonitor, Speedfan, and etc.
    What is the PSU's model number?
  2. First make sure all your graphics drivers are up to date.

    Then, download MSI afterburner or a similiar program and set your fans up to a high setting to ensure that your temperatures stay nice and cool.
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