Why does BF4 run so slow at low settings in my Laptop?

my laptop is a lenovo Y410p, following specs:

8gb RAM
Gt 755m 2Gb GDDR5
I7 4700MQ
24 gb SSD (laptop automatically uses it)

i run battlefield 4 in windows 8.1, and even tho i set the game in lowest settings, it runs at 20fps. I've seen other people being able to run the game just looking fine like this one any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Maybe integrated graphics is running instead of discrete, open up your nvidia control panel and set bf4 to run with your 755
  2. I would run through the graphic settings and make sure AA and post processing stuff is turned down. Maybe try downloading the Nvidia experience and see what it sets your settings to, or set the game to Auto. A GT755m isn't going to run a game like BF4 all that well. That video is also running the Open Beta and while I don't own the game I did play the Beta and it seemed to have a lower res. You can try running it a slightly lower resolution as well and see if that helps. It will stretch to your screen size.

    Try those things and see what it gets you. Integrated graphics wouldn't even get you 20FPS so I don't think that is the case.
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    I seriously feel bad man, I just forgot to have the laptop plugged! I forgot that they get slower if not plugged... thanks! heh...
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