cant boot into BIOS after HDD->SDD swap

Hi everyone.Would really appreciate your help.So the story goes as follows:bought new Toshiba Satilite M50D-A with a regular 5200 rpm HDD and Win 8.1 on it,wanted to swap this default HDD for new Samsung 840 EVO,did the actual physical manipulation to replace the HDD,turned on the machine after a short "Toshiba" start screen I see "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot".I tried F2 F12 F10 to access BIOS but it doesnt work!!! Right at the very moment when I push the poweron button together with ESC or F12 or whatever it directly switches to that error message.Any suggestions how to overcome this obstacle?
The basic idea was to install a SDD and then put Win 7 on it and use it. The SDD itself is working and has been tested on my desktop.But why cant I access BIOS?Does it have anything to do with the fact that I launched and configured Win 8 in the beginning?
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  1. Well,after some searching I will solve my own problem now.It all has to do with UEFI/CSM mode.I had to switch it in BIOS which I eventually made to take me to BIOS setup screen by pressing F2 (still dont understand why it didnt work before).There is an Advanced settings tab in BIOS where i could find a way to switch UEFI mode to CSM mode.After that the installation of a new Win 7 went on smoothly.
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