Can I run a nvidia gtx 780 and a nvidia gtx 660 on the same system?

I want to run 2 different graphics cards(both are NVidia), a stronger one for rendering the game, and another for rendering a video while recording or rendering a stream(as I am streaming it obviously) so that I don't get much, if any lag. Is this possible or do I need to look for another solution to my lag?
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  1. Well you won't be able to SLI them, as for having one card for each screen.... idk. Do you have both cards already?
  2. You can run 2 different video cards in non-sli. Each would run a separate monitor, therefore the 660 screen would not impact the game running on the 780. I am not sure if that entirely answers your question or not. Or are you looking for the 660 to do some sort of background task?
  3. I am wanting the 660 to perform a background task. Such as rendering a video or similar.
  4. If there is a way in the software to designate that process to use the 660 only, it might work. I am not completely sure that it will though.
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    Yes and no. You cannot SLI them and must use them as separate entities. OR. The only real use for the GTX 660 is for PhysX. Check this link out:
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