Does Anyone Know Why The Logitech C10 Is More Expensive Than The C20?

I just bought a used C10 Webcam used but like new hardly ever used and when i went on amazon the price was higher for the C10 than the C20. The C10 on had 720p Skype calling 1080p recording. The C20 Has 1080p in both and is a lot cheaper... Does anyone know why?
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  1. I can't find the Logitech C10 / C20
    Maybe you mixed up with the company or the company uses different names in different regions.. Can you provide a link?
  2. There's currently promotional pricing on the C310 making it less expensive than the C210 (you did mean those models, right?).

    Get the C310 while it's hot. It's normally $50.
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    The C920 has better specs and a lower price - This is a classic case of marketing strategies, and economics supply and demand.

    The C 920 has Carl Zeiss optics (great quality). Buy the C 920.
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