GeForce GTX 780 Ti vs Titan Black vs amd Radeon R9 290X

Maybe this question is asked too much, but I am new to pc building and am finding it difficult to choose between the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, Titan Black or amd Radeon R9 290X. I am intending to run 4 GPUs crossfired/SLI for 4K @ 60fps minimum on games such as battlefield 4.

What is the best option out of the three, in this configuration? I would be using an overclocked i7 4930K CPU if that helps. Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely and should choose a different GPU?
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  1. err well without saying too much that quad sli is overkill, i would go with 780 ti's, just because they run cooler than the 290x which will be useful with 4 in there, and the titan is more for professional use really
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    780ti is better R9 290x, preformance is close but 290x wastes more power than gtx 480 on full load. Don't know much about the Titan black other than specs, but it is safe to assume it will be as good 780ti or better, but at a 1000 price. I don't recommend getting more than 2 cards in sli or crossfire becuase most games don't scale properly. If you really want to go 4 cards, 4x 780ti is probably your best bet. Also 4x 780 at 2000 is really good value and difference won't be that great.
  3. Titan Black is more situated for Pro use higher Vram etc and thus carries a price premium though it would be more powerful than the 780Ti.
    the 780Ti should do what your saying but you can probably do dual for now and get the others as you need them in the future.
    The R9 290 simply makes too much heat to make it a good candidate for Crossfire.
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