[FiiO E17] No sound output on my PC, but works on others?

I purchased an E17 for use with my HD598's... I've currently got the E17 hooked up via USB to my PC, and have the E17 in USB-mode. The mixer in Windows shows there is sound playing, yet I cannot hear anything.

[HD598's]---3.5mm cable---[E17]---USB---[Computer]

OS: Win7 x64
MB: ASUS M4A87TD-USB3 (AM3 socket)
Audio Drivers: VIA HD Audio Codec
CPU: Phenom II X4 955

I have ASIO4All installed, as well as FiiO's E17 drivers (FiiO USB DAC-E17 ACPL)

I took the liberty of trying to hook the E17 up to another computer in my house. It works fine with the other computer (Dell Optiplex 790), yet doesn't output sound with mine (Although, it visually shows it is).
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  1. I'm guessing the E17 is some sort of external audio interface. The problem you might be experiencing is your "FiiO USB DAC-E17" may just be muted. I just tested this theory on my laptop playing a video in the background, I muted my speakers, and it still showed that the audio was going through by the green bar moving up and down (as shown in your picture), then I un-muted them and sound resumed to come out.

    So to un-mute your E17's, just click on them in the first window you showed (in the playback devices menu), and click properties. Under the "Levels" tab, you should see a slider, make sure the slider is not set to 0, and that the audio symbol is un-muted (doesn't have a red circle with a cross next to it), and that should fix it.
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