I'm at my end here with this Notebook, need a little help. ("Windows cannot be installed to this disk...ect.)

My mothers (P.O.S) G62-223CL Notebook (HP, Windows 7) up and took a fat dump. She thinks it was caused by closing the lid during the computer doing updates after logging off. So I whipped the drive, leaving the System Reserve and main chunk of the drive, just formatting. I popped in windows 7 and it loads up, only to be stopped by the computer saying "Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 partition 1. Mind you I've already deleted and formatted the drives using the windows 7 install options. So I click the show details tab and this pops up "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu". I take a trip to the BIOS to find what? You can only set the time, and boot priority...such garbage. I leave it, press F9 to set the defaults and try again. Still the same error. I try partitioning the drive in my PC, and no avail. Back to BIOS, I change boot priority, which is funny because it doesn't do anything, and nothing happens of course. Strangely I leave the computer alone for a day to go enjoy the sun and get some table top clearing action. I come back and try to install 7 again with all factory defaults like the first time, and what happens? It takes it, she installs and says it'll finish the install after restarting, but it doesn't restart. No it loads windows again...going in a complete circle. I try this work around with installing the RAID driver and popping back in the windows 7 DVD, and that didn't do a thing. Now, out of the blue it's doing this new thing where it likes to boot up, not read the windows DVD, and say boot manager not found press Ctr, Alt, Del to restart and that turns into a loop. Or better yet it says there's no hard drive, or the drive is one solid piece of unformatted memory, or that there's two partitions in the drive....I'm so lost. I'm thinking hard drive failure but I'm not sure. Just getting pissed at this thing and need some help.
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  1. I'd go with your theory that it's failing.
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    i guess before you do its worthwhile to go to install and choose the option to delete all partitions,format and install.leaving system reserved is quite likely your a clean install.
  3. You said you went into menu and changed the boot priority sequence . Did you change it back? Also can you get as far a control panel? If so try using restore. Set it back as far as you can.
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