So I was able to migrate my HDD into the new SSD and shut down my computer. When I try to turn it on, nothing load onto my monitor screen--it's just blank. What should I do next? I think I'm suppose to change my set up to AHCI, but when I press Del during loading the screen remains blank.

Help anybody? What's the issue? How do I resolve it? If not what other way can I resolve it?
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  1. put the old hdd back and boot up... If all is good, reboot and go into the BIOS and look at the AHCI setting... if it is not enabled, you will need to start over with your windows install and not migrate... sorry
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    The SATA ahci/ide setting must match whatever mode the HDD was using otherwise you will just error during bootup. Swtiching modes is something you do after you boot into windows.

    Getting nothing at all on your screen sounds like you have something else going on, you should always be able to enter the bios as long as you have a cpu, ram, and gpu installed. I would reseat the gpu and ram to begin with.
  3. Thanks y'all I figured it out :D
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