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Hi there, Im an IT Technician at my company and we are migrating from windows XP to Win7 and we are experiencing a bit slow performance on our day to day activinties. There is no problem with the OS, the problem is our computers mostly are HP Compaq 5700 microtower and they all have built in Integrated graphics cards not suitable enough for this OS, and sort of doesnt quit sufficently meet the requirments of the OS. so we decided to have an additional graphics card insalled on each individual PC but before we do, we just want to know if this version of HP support additional graphics card and if it does can someone please recommend us the right model.

Thank you
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  1. It will be difficult to suggest anything with a price range. What would you say the price range is?
  2. not so cheap and not two expensive, but operable is the one im looking for
  3. Considering the computers you own are not the newest but still require some gpu power: I will recommend r7 240 which sell for 50. That should be more than powerful enough for any gpu extensive tasks.
  4. BUt my first question before even purchasing the card, we specifically want to know the DOES IT SUPPORT ADDITIONAL CARD becouse if doesnt then we might as well just drop the whole idea. can you confirm or garantee that it will work with the expantion bays available physically.

    The following is a link to HPs website which might help you out

    Thank You

    This claims that desktop has a full size pci port where the card belongs. Check the website and make sure it's the same model number.
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    if you're looking for a simple dedicated graphics card to experience better graphic speedI'd recommend the gt 210/220. hat is your CPU? Look for the cheapest graphics card you can find, now that so many new appear, the cheapest is the best for workstations that require more CPU than GPU. Keep in mind that for business even the gt 210, even the gtx titan are the same, look for the cheapest Gpu at $30+
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