CPU Cooler for an Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor.

I've been working on building me a gaming PC and I need suggestions for a CPU cooler for an Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor. I don't have any interest in overclocking so that isn't an issue, but the cooler needs to keep the CPU cool when playing games like BF4 on the highest graphic settings Also, I'd like for this cooler to be reasonably priced (around $50).Thank you for your time.
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  1. I am partial to the Corsair H series coolers... not a lot of $$ and they work great... See my spec's
  2. if you just want a cheap quiet cooler that's superior to stock look no further than the cooler master tx3/tx3 evo work great for me.

    Just a piece of info, It's impossible to overclock on any intel processor without a K at the end and the stock cooler is okay but you could go for a cheap cooler like this one due to the noise difference.
  3. If you don't overclock, the stock cooler will be fine :-)
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    before you waste your money on water cooling, which, after about an hour will be ineffective to due the nature of small closed loop water coolers, look at something like that. Its small and should fit in an mid tower and probably most smaller form towers (although it wount fit in super compact builds). Another reason why you should look at this is the nature of the science behind thermal transfer, this cooler absolutely maximizes surface area for the amount of material used, and sets the fan into the fins, improving airflow without a shield, although a shield could further improve performance. By design, its nearly perfect, however, the limit of the cooler is its size. Its extremely efficient for its size, but doesnt have the cooling capacity of larger coolers solely because its built small. 1 fan, 92mm fan size, and only 4 heat pipes would put this heatsink in the mid to small range.

    READ THIS: Here's the kicker, its cheap small and only uses 1 fan yet I have this cooler on my i5-4670k and i bought it because of its design. My chip has a fairly high internal resistance and therefore makes me crank the voltage during overclocking. so at 4.6GHz and 1.35 volts this cooler maintained an average core temp of 80C during intel burn test at mac stress level.
    And at a stock clock of 3.4 and stock voltage (1.12v I believe) during gaming the temps never went out of the 25-30C range.
    BUT be careful, it has fairly low mounting pressure, so i would install and then run the cpu through intel burntest with the tower still on its side and run it a few times to heat up the paste and such, then after that turn your comp off and leave it on its side for like 2 hours then go ahead and stand it up. Its just a simple curing technique that can help ensure you good connection.
  5. bdiddytampa said:
    If you don't overclock, the stock cooler will be fine :-)

    this guy is absolutely right. but if your looking for super low temps for whatever reason dont spend more than 25-30 dollars.
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