How does Overclocking affect my cpu

I want to overclock my CPU but I'm not sure how it will affect it. I know that the overclocking process doesn't hurt it just the high temperatures can decrease its life. So I was wondering what temperature will my CPU be safe at and what is the maximum temperature I can go to without damaging my computer in any way.

CPU: AMD a6-6400k
Motherboard: MS-7721 (from msi)
I think thats all the important information for overclocking
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  1. Pros:
    Better performance for same money

    Shorter lifespan, but it isn't a lot, and you'll most likely have replaced the CPU by then
    More power draw (By up to 20 watts maximum)
    More heat (Be sure to use a third party cooler eg. CM Hyper 212 EVO)

    It might seem like the costs outweigh the benefit, but honestly, the benefit usually outweighs the cost with performance.
  2. What temperature should it be though my motherboard has an auto overclocking feature and I am now running at 4.41 ghz rather than 3.9 and my idle temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. What temp should I let it go to
  3. Also I am still using stock cooler the temperature hasnt gone very high while using it
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    Download and run a program called Prime95. It basically stresses your CPU (don't worry, it won't damage it) to 100% of it's full load, run it for 15-20 minutes and use HW monitor to monitor your CPU temperature. If the CPU/GPU temperatures don't reach above 60C, you're fine.
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