Watch dogs compatibility

Will my specs run watch dogs
- i5 3330s quad @2.7 ghz
- 4 gb ram
- nvidia gt 620 1 gb
- micro atx motherboard idk the name.
I want to pre-order the game but I know my gpu sucks + my psu is 220 watt. Its an dell inspiron 660s. Will my pc be able to run watch dogs on ver low?
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  1. Probably NO!
  2. That gpu is pretty low end so I don´t think so, maybe in ultra low with the lower res. possible at very low fps.

    Sorry man but that´s how it is.
  3. If you don't plan on upgrading your PSU, you may be able to get away with upgrading your GPU to a GTX 750/GTX 750 Ti first.
  4. I don't think even a GTX 750Ti would work with that weak a PSU. Unfortunately this is a small form factor system, which means any GPU upgrade would require a low profile graphics card which will really limit options. Looking at pictures of the interior the case it looks like the video card would also have to be single slot, because most of the interior space is consumed by the CPU cooler shroud and the PSU. You're probably looking at a new case as well as a new power supply if you want a GPU upgrade.
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    I know I will have to buy a new cabinet plus psu to upgrade my gpu. Gtx 660ti is what I am thinking but that's not until 2-3 months. BTW can my rig run thief in ultra low?
  6. probably no, I would go for the gtx 700 sseries
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