How to use a usb 3,0 card reader with back panel usb ports... Adapter maybe?

Okay so I have a usb 3.0 front bay 5.25'' card reader that I want to install... Problem is, my motherboards usb 3.0 header is already in use by the case... I don't want any unused hanging cords with dead sockets, so I'd like to run the card readers usb 3.0 header, through an adapter, and plug the adapter into the rear panel usb 3.0 ports...

My question: Is this possible? And if so, what kind of adapter do I need to make this work seamlessly?
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    The simplest way might be to fit a pci-e card with a usb 3 header on it

    or scroll through and find one you like the color of

    I have never used a device like this but it should add the internal connector you need if you have a free pci-e slot
  2. I found the adapter I needed, turns out they do make them... Should make it easy to have both the usb 3.0 case ports as well as the 2 additional usb 3.0 card reader front bay ports all active at once.

    Cable was only $3. $5 gets you a fancy looking one but it's too long for me.

    So to anyone else, if you have a mobo with a lot of backside usb 3.0 ports, and like me, you prefer having front panel ports instead, then you'll be happy to know it's a simple, cheap undertaking.
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