Dual 480 Rad with CPU and SLI Pump Requirement

Title pretty much says it all, I will be running a dual 480 rad setup, currently only on a CPU and GPU but planning on adding a GPU and maybe motherboard cooling in the future. Will a single pump cover it or should I run a dual loop? Originally I was going to use an MPC35X pump, but should I go to the MPC35X2? I would much prefer just the MPC35X if it will be enough, but if I have to use the X2 or a dual loop then I can do that as well.

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    dual loop. if your going to have that much dissipation and your obviously wanting to overclock very high then you will want the second pump. thats beastly though. im just looking to do a xspc ax120 on the cpu and a ax240 on the gpu since i want to squeeze all this into a mini-itx case. although im in the same boat as id like to save the space with a single pump/res combo but its likely only going to allow for modest overclocks. but it sounds like space wont be an issue for you since you will have "two" 480s.
  2. Depends how you configure the loop. If you run the GPU's in parallel then more than likely you can get away with a single pump, in Serial its probably worth two pumps.
    So basically you can decide whether to buy two pumps or two SLI fittings, I know which I would go for.
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