Is it necessary for me to overclock?

I'm currently running a set-up with a Corsair H60 cooling my stock-clock i7 950, with my GPU as a GTX 590. I'm worried that my CPU is limiting the POWER of my ancient GTX 590. I'm interested in trying to achieve a higher clock-rate, or w/e the technical term may be, so that I could reach a 4.0 gHz or higher stable overclock. Aside from my knowledge that CPU's base their clock-rates from the voltage put into the CPU, I'm an absolute fledgling to this type of thing. Of course, the previous assertions would be irrelevant if there's little to nothing significant to gain from an over-clock (except for bragging rights).


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    the 950 should be able to get to 4.0 with little effort or even voltage increase. i run my 920 at 3.6 on stock volts.
    voltage only makes an oc stable it doesnt allow the cpu to auto overclock/turbo because its higher. you need to set it up manually by using the multiplyer and blclk timer. as for holding back the gpu, thats unlikely. the 590 is powerful but not so much it will cause a first gen i7 to crumple.
    it may be a bit limited with some game engines but thats not the hardware its bad programming and no amount of overclocking will put that rite.
  2. 4ghz should be plenty but it depends on what you do with it. like me, i play bf3/bf4, and last time i checked, moving from 4 to 4.5ghz gives me no improvement, so im using 4ghz, keeps things cooler
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