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Hi , every One .

Q : Can use Flash memory 32 or 64 GB usb 3.0 like SSD , and install windows 7 with that . and use the HDD drive too , for more storage , Or NOT , NO WAY < ? > THX
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    You can use it to install windows but you can't install windows on it. It's flash memory and will not be nearly as fast as an SSD.
  2. Windows 7 was designed not to boot from a USB device. You can do it, but it's not the greatest.
    Even 64 GB is tight for an installation of Windows 7, if you are going to add games and software.
    One of the reason that SSDs cost more than flash drives is that they are faster and work better on PATA interfaces. Performance will definitely suffer if you try to do it on an external drive.
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