My BIOS wont boot, Windows 8 starts normally

Hi, I have a Lenovo Z580 Notebook and am trying to go into the BIOS, so i turn of the system and click the NOVO button and it Boots up and gives me 2 options Normal start up and BIOS start up, i go onto the BIOS startup and it boots as it would normally giving me no BIOS. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find a solution, Please HELP
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  1. Try hitting the DEL key as you boot
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    Try hitting the DEL key as you boot

    That does not work. As i said =, you have to hit the NOVO button to get to the BIOS but it wont boot, just starts normally even when i select it
  3. you may have fast boot enabled. disable it in the control panel.
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