Can't get a display with HDMI, and DVI sometimes works, also Blue Screens with EVGA GTX 780 ti

A friend of mine recently built a new computer. And has swapped two mobo's and still had the same issue. He can get DVI to work occasionally but even that doesn't work half the time either. He also got Blue Screens of Death twice. What could be causing this issue?

EVGA gtx 780 ti
Asus maximus hero vi
Intel i7 4770k
Corsair vengeance 16gb 2133 mhz pro series
Corsair cs750m watt 80 plus Gold certified
Corsair Carbide series cube
Seagate 2TB 8GB MLC 3.5 Hybrid SSHD

The Mobo has been switched already so we know that isn't (or at least shouldn't be) the issue. So.....Display issues and 2 BSOD's? What could be causing this problem? Thanks in advance.
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  1. should like the video card to me. or ram, or ram timing if you are trying to push it at 2133. it's an intel, had built in graphics. take out the video card. does it boot. yes, it's the video card. still doesn't boot. take out 1 stick of ram. does it boot. yes or no.

    if you friend can't do these basic diagnostics and figure out after 3 motherboards it's not the motherboard, he shouldn't be building pc's.
  2. take the graphics card out

    connect the graphics card to the motherboard

    does it run? Has it stopped crashing?

    If the answers are yes the graphics card is bad
  3. I said he used two mobo's, not 3. The point I'm making here is it can't be related to the mobo if it's doing the same thing with both. Regardless, I appreciate you're suggestions, but there's no need to be rude and saying "he should stop building pc's". Everyone runs into an issue they can't fix and/or need help with. Hence why I'm asking, so quite frankly, if you can't give advice and suggestions without making rude comments, I'd rather you not make any at all.
  4. Also, he tried connecting to the MOBO display ports already as well and he had the same issue.
  5. Does he have the XMP profile enabled for the RAM? Has he run Memtest86+ to test for RAM errors? Those are the first two things I would check. I've seen many issues like this caused either by faulty RAM or incorrect RAM settings in the BIOS.
  6. No we haven't checked that yet, thank you for the suggestion, will give update. It's really weird, he can get it to display through DVI for a little while sometimes, but it always ends up screwing up the same way.
  7. You may need to update the GPU driver and enable HDMI output in the driver before HDMI will work.
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    It may be too obvious ..........have you tried a different display

    Two computers in 4 configurations experiencing the same display problem : it has to be the monitor
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