Will a 4+4 CPU pin work for an 8 pin socket? (Kaveri APU / Mobo / PSU / RAM compatibility)

I'm trying to figure out which mobo to buy for my A10 7700K (Kaveri) that will work out of the box, unlike most MOBO's I've seen which need a BIOS update first.

The PSU I have: only has 4+4 12v pin connectors.

The MOBO I'm currently looking at that is supposed to run Kaveri APU's right out of the box is: which has an 8-pin CPU socket.

The APU in question is:

Also wondering if the RAM I have will be supported by my MOBO: Thank you very much.
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    The power supply has a 4+4 pin meaning it is an 8 pin that comes apart so it will work fine. I am not a fan of Coolermaster power supplies except the new V series but that's a different issue. Just don't stress it and it should be fine.

    That board should support your APU out of the box just fine.

    You should also have no problems with that RAM working with the board. However if you are using the graphics part of the APU you would benefit tremendously from higher speed RAM. Like DDR3 2133 should be the starting point and even DDR3 2400 is not a bad idea. APUs are really the only chips that greatly benefit from very high speed RAM although Intel's Haswell CPUs do well with it also. It will of course work with that RAM but your frame rates would be better with higher speed stuff.
  2. Fantastic, thank you again for the reliable response! So just plug both 4 pins into the 8 pin and I should be fine? Yeah I realized the bit about the ram speed with an APU AFTER I purchased the ram, so I will be upgrading to 2400 when I can.
  3. Yep the dual 4 pin connectors should actually snap together. Or at least fit together like this.

    Glad to help! Good luck! :)
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