why wont my avg virus protector let me download pdf files

i am trying to download several differnet pdf files and I keep getting the same message. virus detected and then avg wont let me download it.
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  1. pdf files from where? They might indeed have a virus attached.
  2. it could also be the avg internet security settings, scanning each webpage you visit/file you download. if its only from one website its probably a virus, if its from any website change your settings
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    i would run hitman pro, malware byes, then avast/avast boot scan. after that you should reinstall avg and the avg extension to your browser. that should clear things up. if it does not there is a chance that your user profile is corrupted as well. try creating a new account, and see if the same problem exists. if it does not move your files over to the new profile and delete the old one.

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