Computer Turns off, then shortly afterwards turns back on without a beep or any start up process

Hey there, I've been having problems with my computer lately. I'll start up my computer, and anywhere from 1-10 hours later it will immediately turn off, then a couple seconds later it turns back on, lights and fans are all working, but without any beep or start up. It will stay in this state and do nothing until you turn it off and back on again. I have a Gateway Win 7 64-bit, Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q8300, ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB GPU. The only thing i can think of is that it may be overheating, but all the fans are working and its pretty clean of dust. Any thoughts as to the problem would be very much appreciated.
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  1. use this on the sensor part to check your temp
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    Go into control panel, system security part and power option, turn on high performance, click change plan setting and click change advanced power settings and turn off sleep and hibernate 0 is the value for off.
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