Would a 140mm fan fit onto a rear 2x 120mm fan computer case?

Sorry for asking such a stupid question, i'm not tech savy at all. I recently bought a Corsair h90 liquid cooler and was stupid enough to not realize that my case only fits a 120mm rear fan case.

Now im looking for a new computer case to fit my cooler. There aren't many cases that have a rear 140mm case so i was wondering if a 2x 120mm rear fan would fit the 140, or do i need to find a case that sttrictly supports a 140mm fan.
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    No the dimensions are completly differnt you will need 140mm to fit a 140mm rad. 2x120mm fan would not fit 140mm dimension its smaller the 120 stack beside each other they dont combine to make a bigger spacing
  2. Some cases will have the screw holes to mount either a 120mm or a 140mm fan and will ship with either one.
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