my computer is just a simple computer but i need to know what graphics card i can put in it

My operating system is windows 8 64 bit .
My graphics card which came with it is Intel(R) @HD graphics.
i would like to go for games like Arma 3 and be able to play them on normal or high my price range would be about £150 or less
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  1. What is your CPU?
  2. Is this a laptop or a desktop as well as make and model.
  3. it is a desktop computer and could you tell me how i find out my make and model if that doesnt make sound stupid
  4. I don't have windows 8 myself and never used it before but this should help you:
  5. Right click on "My Computer" go to "Properties", and copy down the information that looks like this:

  6. We need your PCI express is it 3.0 x16 or not if so go for a gtx 760 super clocked for 150 pounds but if you have euros get a hd 7870 for 150 euros but is a little over but worth it
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