i7 4770k 4.2 ghz would u say i have safe voltages and temps for 24/7? help appreciated

i found out my stable 4.2 ghz oc and just wondering if my voltages are absolutely in safe limits.

Cpu vcore - 1.180v
Cpu multiplier - 42
Cpu ring ratio - 39
Cpu ring voltage - 1.176v
LLC set to medium 100%
Cooler - Cooler Master Seidon 120v (water) Max tempos hit 69c with prime after 6hours but never vent more after.

So would it be safe keep it ?
Help appreciated.
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  1. if 4.0 gets you 10C lower and lower voltages... it's worth it since you plan to keep it on 24/7
  2. Temps are just fine. I have about the same OC settings on my 4770K, and it has a rock stable 4.2GHz OC. Your processor will be just fine anywhere up to ~75-80c
  3. Ya that should be fine I run mine at 1.2Vcore at 4.5GHz 75-80C
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