Getting worse FPS after upgrading mobo and cpu?

Hello all!

I just upgraded my motherboard and CPU from a Intel DB65AL motherboard and an Intel i5 2500k up to an ASUS Z-87 Pro with an Intel i5 4670K.

While I had my old setup (using Borderlands 2 as an example) I would get a typical 45 - 60 FPS in game. After the upgrade I still see the same range, however it is frequently dipping down to 30 FPS and it "locks in" there for a few seconds.. (It doesn't go above or below a solid 30) Sometimes I will stand in the exact same spot and not look around at all and it will dip down to 30, stay there for around 20 seconds and then jump back up to 60 for no reason and be fine, then it will happen again after a few minutes. This same thing will happen in Batman Arkham City from what I've noticed... My general FPS in Skyrim is significantly lower (anywhere from 5-20FPS difference) Where before I would get a solid 60 FPS with a few mods installed.

Outside of games I have noticed that my system will just generally boot slower. I don't have exact times or anything for them. I've also noticed that it stays at the splash screen for a little longer.

I have the ASUS dual intelligent processors software installed and it automatically set the CPU to a 4.2GHz.
Inside of the software I have everything set to max performance, I also have most all the bios settings to be auto.
I also tried unparking my cores!

After I installed the board I reinstalled windows, updated all drivers, and updated the mobo bios.

Both me and my Brother have no idea why I'm getting such a difference in FPS after I "upgraded."

I have yet to reinstall my old board and processor to compare it back because I would prefer to refrain from that if possible..

Can anybody think of why this is happening?!? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


My Current Specs:
Asus Z-87 Pro
Intel I5 4670K
600W Corsair PSU
Samsung 840 EVO (Main)
Seagate 2TB (Storage)
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    I'd more concerned about the GPU. The 660 is a weak card nowadays. Your system might run better with a bigger card.
  2. First off, thanks for the quick response!
    Now then, trust me my next planned upgrade is a gtx 770
    I only upgraded these because I got the motherboard as a gift for Christmas that was supposed to be for my other processor(lga1155) but that got screwed up. So I upgraded the processor too to use it.

    Now I'm just confused as to why I'm getting the lower fps, it was fine before and it should be just as good if not slightly better.
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